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In order to develop a renewable, economic, inflation free and environmentally benign source of energy with short gestation period, great emphasis is placed by the State on quick development of micro, mini and small hydropower (SHP) resources, which are comparatively abundant in Kerala. Small and mini hydel potential can provide a solution for the energy problems in remote and hilly areas where extension of grid system is comparatively uneconomical. Energy Management Centre, Kerala (EMC) has therefore been trying to transfer the globally acclaimed SHP practice of the Peoples Republic of China which has as its prime feature, people’s participation through the counties or local governments to the State. With the active intermediary role of EMC, the KSEB tied up with the UNIDO sponsored International Network on Small Hydro (IN-SHP) for the implementation of 18 SHP projects of total capacity 107 MW. EMC has also initiated propagation as well as implementation of mini / micro hydel through various Local Bodies. EMC also took up and completed the Technical Consultancy assignment for the finalisation of detailed project report (DPR) for Meenvallom SHP (3 MW) being implemented by Palghat District Panchayath. EMC also acted as the technical secretariat for the Single Window Clearance Committee in getting clearance for the 50 kW Kallar Micro Hydel Scheme, implemented by Idukki District Panchayath. Further EMC has initiated contact with various global agencies like Water Pumps Oy, Finland, IT Power, U.K etc during the year and the possibility of executing MoUs with these organisations are in the process in respect of micro hydel extension.
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