Temperature Monitoring and Alerting System for Industries  
FOR GLASS INDUSTRIES (TMAS - Model 268/2001/1)

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TMAS monitors the temperature at different zones in the glass melting system and alert the operator when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined limit, which could be decided and programmed into the micro-processor based system depending on the type of glass being melted.

The system logs the real time temperature at different zones in the glass melting system so as to act as a Management Information System tool, which could be effectively utilised for proper and timely decision making with regard to preventive maintenance, raw material feeding rate/sequence, reversal time for regenerator, etc.


  • Reduction of CNG consumption
  • Improved pot life
  • Lesser downtime
  • Increased furnace life
  • Improved product quality due to minimum temperature fluctuation
  • Lesser rejections
  • Excess air could be limited through optimisation
  • Improvements in environmental conditions
  • Additional input for managerial control & decision-making
  • Eliminates manual data logging which is prone to errors, particularly during the night shift operation.
  • An operator friendly tool for furnace operation
  • Data logging for a longer periods could suggest new avenues for further energy conservation and improvement
  • Option to determine the regenerator reversal time based on the regenerator temperature profile (which would be a more
    dynamic practice than the present mode of a fixed reversal time
  • Increased productivity and profitability help to face competition in the scenario of globilisation/ liberalisation.

System Features:

16x2 digit display; Self test during reset; Vermin, dust proof, mechanically strong; Built-in real time clock with long life battery backup; Set parameters programmable through PC; PC connectivity through RS-232/RS-485 interface; Displays temperature (remote) of different channels; Records temperature, events (High/Low, acknowledgement); Power supply - Single phase AC 220V+/-10%, 50Hz; Power consumption (TMAS) - 80 VA; Operating temperature - 10°C to 60°C; Weight - 2.0 kg

Under the Contract (No. 2000/268) from UNIDO Hq., Vienna

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