Energy Management Centre, Facilities  

1. Laboratory Facilities

From the very inception, the major objective of EMC has been to enhance energy efficiency in all sectors of economy so as to help achieve sustainable development. Keeping this objective as the major institutional focus and consideration, the Centre has visualised and established an Energy Laboratory system to cater to its ever increasing needs in carrying out effective research and consultancy assignments on energy conservation in all sectors of the economy. The Laboratory facilities at the Centre help facilitate harmonic surveys, power system analysis, energy efficiency studies in industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, environmental impact assessment, fuel efficiency testing of automobiles, R&D activities in combustion technologies and development of Small Hydro Power. The sophistication and capacity of the laboratory is enhanced on a continuous basis to serve the future needs of the Centre. The Centre also utilise testing facilities in sister organisations in the region to reduce infrastructure development costs and to ensure quality tests and studies.

2. Library and Documentation System

As a basic literature and institutional research support system for the enduring and multifaceted development of the EMC, the Library and Documentation system was structurally conceptualised as a multi-disciplinary one capable of providing adequate information base helpful for achieving the sustainable development goals and objectives of the Centre. The Library and documentation facility is also fully equipped to help in professional expertise and technical skill upgradation, training programme, comprehensive consultancy initiatives etc., emcompassing all aspects of energy and energy technology, management and planning related research programmes. The Library also houses a number of national and international journals related to energy and sustainable development.

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