Enegy Management System for Offices and Commecial Establishments  
Energy Management System for Offices and Commercial Establishments

Consumption of electrical energy is going up day by day and so also the tariff. This is true for offices, commercial establishments etc and conservation of energy to reduce electricity bill has become a necessity. Control and Display unit (CaDis), a microprocessor based system is developed with this requirement in focus, to monitor energy usage(say, wastage) in such establishments and exercise control in conserving energy. CaDis consists of a central monitoring unit, which constantly monitors status of each of its 16 electrical circuits (Expandable to 100s of circuits) and controls it through an Intelligent Control Unit (ICU) incorporated in each circuit. The system will switch-off the circuits at preset timings with an advanced warning through a buzzer and visual indication. It can also be used for security monitoring in a building complex to check the alertness of the security personnel and record security related data in a PC.

The whole system can be monitored and controlled through a PC using its RS485 interface.


  • Need-based switch-on of circuits to conserve energy.
  • Automatic switch-off of circuits at preset timings, selectable for each circuit.
  • Simple manual control to extend on-period, when in need.
  • Alarm and visual indication at CaDis before switching-off any circuit.
  • Buzzer indications for start of office hours, lunch, close of office etc (Optional).
  • Status monitoring of circuits (Whether on or off etc) and password protected control facility through PC.
  • Facility to flash urgent messages on the large LED display of CaDis through PC.
  • Separate holiday plans for on/off of circuits.
  • Power consumption as low as 20 watts.
  • Advanced RS485 interface for linking to a PC through simple and low cost cabling (Up to 1 km distance)
  • Will pay-back the investment in less than one year; thereafter savings will be to one’s own advantage.
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