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Land area

330,363 sq km


78.69m (2001)

Main towns

Population (of province) in ‘000 (2001)

Ho Chi Minh City 5,378

Hanoi (capital) 2,842

Haiphong 1,711


Tropical monsoon; north cool and damp in winter (November-April), hot and rainy in summer; south more equable; centre most subject to typhoons. The rains are highly unpredictable

Weather in Hanoi (altitude 216 metres)

Hottest month, June, 26-33°C; coldest month, January, 13-20°C; wettest month, August, 343 mm average rainfall; driest month, January, 18 mm average rainfall

Weather in Ho Chi Minh City (altitude 9 metres)

Hottest month, April, 24-35°C; coldest month, January, 21-32°C; wettest month, September, 335 mm average rainfall; driest month, February, 3 mm average rainfall


Vietnamese (spoken by about 90% of the population); English (increasingly favoured as a second language); some French; a little Russian; minority languages such as Hmong, Thai, Khmer in remoter rural areas.

Weights and measures

Metric system. Local land measurement 1 mau=3,600 sq metres (north); 1 mau=5,000 sq metres (centre)


Dong (D). Average exchange rate in 2001: D14,725:US$1; exchange rate on September 27th 2002: D15,342:US$1


7 hours ahead of GMT

Vietnam- Basic Electricity Data
Total Installed Capacity 4868 MW
Total Hydro Power 2850 MW
Small Hydro Power 61.4 MW
SHP Potential 2000 MW
Conventional Thermal Power 2010 MW
Renewable Energy
Nuclear Energy


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