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Total area

514,000 sq km, of which 38% cultivated and 20% forest


62.94m (end-2001)

Main provinces

Population in m (local administration departments—December 2000)

Bangkok (Metropolitan; capital) 5.68 Chiang Mai 1.59

Nakhon Ratchasima 2.54 Nakorn Srithammarat 1.52

Ubon Ratchathani 1.77 Udon Thani 1.52

12 other Thai provinces have populations in excess of 1m



Weather in Bangkok (altitude 2 metres)

Hottest month, April, 35-40°C; coldest month, December, 20-31°C; driest months, January-March, no rain; wettest month in central and northern regions is September, 305 mm average rainfall, and in the south is December, 400 mm average rainfall



Weights and measures

The metric system is officially used. For local dealings, traditional units are used:

1 pikul=60 kg 1 wah=2 metres

1 rai=1,600 sq metres 1 tang=20 litres

1 tical or baht (jeweller’s measure)=15.24 grams


1 baht (Bt)=100 satang. Average exchange rates in 2002: Bt42.96:US$1; Bt64.5:£1; average exchange rates on May 16th 2003: Bt42.20:US$1; Bt68.4:£1


Seven hours ahead of GMT

Thailand Basic Electricity Data
Total Installed Capacity 20791 MW
Total Hydro Power 2920 MW
Small Hydro Power 131.8 MW
Conventional Thermal Power 17870 MW
Renewable Energy
Nuclear Energy

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