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Basic data
Total area: 330,113 sq km

Population: 24.5m (mid-2002 estimate)

Main towns: Population in '000 (2002)

Kuala Lumpur (capital) 1,367
Johor Baharu 724
Ipoh 601
Klang 503
Petaling Jaya 460

Climate: Tropical

Weather in Kuala Lumpur (altitude 39 metres): Hottest months, April and May, 23-33 C (average daily minimum and maximum); coldest month, December, 22-32 C; driest month, July, 99 mm average rainfall; wettest month, April, 292 mm average rainfall

Languages: Malay (the official language); main other languages: Chinese dialects (including Mandarin), English, Tamil, Iban (in Sarawak), Banjar (in Sabah). There are 139 living languages altogether

Measures: The metric system has gradually replaced the UK (imperial) system. Local measures include:

1 pikul=25 gantang=100 katis=60.48 kg

1 koyan=40 pikul=2.419 tonnes

Currency: Malaysian dollar or ringgit (M$, or RM)=100 sen (cents). Average exchange rates in 2001: M$3.8:US$1 (pegged at this rate since September 2nd 1998); M$5.47:£1. Exchange rates on December 4th 2002: M$3.80:US$1; M$5.97:£1

Time: Peninsula: 7 hours ahead of GMT; Sabah and Sarawak: 8 hours ahead of GMT

Malasia Basic Electricity Data
Total Installed Capacity 13758 MW
Total Hydro Power 2050 MW
Small Hydro Power
Conventional Thermal Power 11710 MW
Renewable Energy
Nuclear Energy

It is estimated that the indicative hydro potential in Peninsular Malaysia totals some 16 TWh/year. Nine major hydro stations with a capacity of 1,874 MW are currently in service.

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