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Basic data
Land area: 40,077 sq km
Population: 716,124 (end-2002 official estimate) Thimphu (capital): 55,000
Climate: The tropical and Temperate
Weather in Thimphu (altitude 2,320 metres): Hottest month, August, 15 to 24 C (average daily minimum and maximum); coldest month, January, -3 to 13 C; driest month, January, negligible average monthly rainfall; wettest month, August, 220mm average rainfall
Languages: There are four main language groups and 18 dialects. Dzongkha, the national language, is spoken in the western part of the country, Bumthang-kha in the centre, Sharchop in the east, and Nepali in the south. English is the main medium in schools and is widely used, especially by the urban population
Measures: Metric system
Currency: Ngultrum

Time: Six hours ahead of GMT

Bhutan Basic Electricity Data
Total Installed Capacity 425 MW
Total Hydro Power 410 MW
Small Hydro Power  
Conventional Thermal Power 10 MW
Renewable Energy  
Nuclear Energy  


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